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We give a voice and visibility to all those involved in sectors related to the marine environment: tourism, sailing, fishing, public, among others.

We assess the current situation, highlight best practice and showcase inspiring projects.


Any surplus income generated by the Forum, once costs are covered, will go toward the financing of a pertinent project, as selected by the Promoter Group.

The designated project for 2019 was the Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera movement.


At the conclusion of each edition of the Forum, a series of environmental recommendations is agreed upon and made public.

The Marine Forum is committed to monitoring the agreed recommendations with the interested parties. Progress is then presented at the next edition of the Forum.

In 2019, we agreed on 10+1 recommendations. Ten of these are based on the three fundamental pillars of the Forum; the 11th, which intersects with all of these, is a commitment to education and communication around marine conservation issues.


  • Almost all of the debates are open to the general
  • Smaller workgroups are directed at those specifically involved in the different areas, such as government experts, private companies and environmental organisations from the islands.
  • There is a particular emphasis on the corporate sector, due to the fundamental part it can play in protecting and preserving the environment.