1st edition of the Future Forum

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1st edition of the Future Forum

The youth of today are fundamental to the future of our islands; our environment depends on them. Therefore, this year we are inviting them to participate in the debate.


Teachers and students will prepare a project related to one of the Marine Forum’s three main pillars/themes.

They are free to choose the means by which they present the project.


Associations such as GEN, the Water Alliance, Vellmarí, Proartso and others will hold workshops in different schools on the islands to help motivate and inspire students ahead of the Youth Forum.

Future Forum

On 5th November 2020 at the start of the second edition of the Marine Forum, pupils from eight schools on Ibiza and Formentera,

Aged between 10 and 14, will present their projects and observations so that the vision of our future generations becomes a key part of the process.