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Support Solar Energy

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100% renewable energy in Ibiza and Formentera is achievable. We enjoy around 3000 hours or 300 days of quality sunshine every year. But less than 1% of our energy comes from renewable sources. The remaining 99% comes from burning imported oil and gas. This is unsustainable, inefficient and environmentally damaging. By harnessing solar, and with the right mix of applications and technologies, we can achieve a clean, sustainable and independent energy future.

Solar energy also strengthens our position to stop oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea.

What you can do

Change to a renewable energy supplier

Join a green energy supplier like SOM Energia or Holaluz, which generate renewable energy to offset the electricity you consume. This is an ideal option if you’re renting or your roof isn’t suitable for solar. No technical change is needed – simply swap your supplier online in 10 minutes.

Install solar panels and stay connected to the grid

Use the sun on your roof to power your home with photovoltaic (PV) panels. It will reduce your electricity bills because you only use energy from the grid when you need it, for example at night.

Companies such as Holaluz can also help you install solar panels in your roof for your consumption and pay you for the surplus of energy produced.

Apply for government grants

Grants and subsidies are available from the Balearic Islands Government for home and business solar installations. Cambio Energetico has useful information on these and application due dates.

Connect with local renewable energy experts

Amics de la Terra Eivissa work to promote renewable energy in Ibiza and Formentera. Visit for information and advice (in Spanish).

Contact local solar energy installation companies. See list of suppliers.

Watch our documentary

With our support, BioCam has produced a thought-provoking documentary, ‘Ibiza and Formentera – 100% Renewable’. It outlines the current situation and the barriers we need to overcome to achieve this goal. (Spanish with English subtitles)