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Marine Forum

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A symposium bringing together parties committed to marine conservation and regeneration

The Marine Forum is an annual symposium on selected marine issues facing the Balearic Islands and, by extension, the wider Mediterranean Sea.

The platform brings together all sectors – public, private and civil society – with local, national and international experts in marine environment and conservation.

It serves to create high-level debate and propose solutions to reverse the serious situation facing the local marine environment, with the objective of restoring it by 2030.


Promoter Group

Together, IbizaPreservation, Marilles Foundation, OD Group, Pacha Foundation, Trasmapi and Vellmarí Association constitute the Promoter Group, through which the Marine Forum is funded and organised. We provide the local community with an open space in which to work to improve the present situation and lay the foundations for a better future for the marine environment.

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