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11 Recommendations

1st Marine Forum of Ibiza & Formentera

The Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera aims to provide a space for all sectors of society to articulate, debate and propose solutions to reverse the serious situation facing the marine environment.

The first Marine Forum set three specific objectives:

  • Raise the ambition of Marine Protected Areas around Ibiza and Formentera.
  • Contribute to the effective implementation of the Waste Law in Ibiza and Formentera, especially in regard to plastics.
  • Contribute to a reduction in wastewater discharges to sea.

The following recommendations are the result of the work of entities from all sectors and reflect the great work previously done in these areas. The Forum intends to prioritise and amplify these recommendations, unifying various dimensions of marine protection.

The 11 recommendations prioritised by the Forum workshop participants are included below. The full document of recommendations can be found here. After each recommendation, the sectors and bodies responsible for compliance is included in brackets.

The Forum commits to follow up on these recommendations, together with the entities that work in these areas, and to report on their progress at the next edition of the forum.


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

  1. Expand the No Take Zone (total catch prohibition area), which now only covers 6.55 km2 in Ibiza and Formentera. (Balearic Government)
  2. Strengthen surveillance by expanding the positions of Environment Agents and Rangers and implementing new surveillance systems (cameras, drones) in MPAs so the implementation of regulations is effective. (Balearic Government, Councils of Ibiza and Formentera)
  3. Move towards co-management of MPAs as a governance model, facilitating the involvement of fisheries and users (i.e. divers, swimmers, sailors, etc.) in the management and protection of MPAs. (Balearic Government)
  4. Design Vías Bravas (marine itineraries) in all MPAs and a solid citizen science programme to promote citizen involvement and monitor established environmental indicators. (Civil society, Balearic Government, Councils of Ibiza and Formentera)

Plastic Reduction

  1. Ensure all festivals and events organised by public or private companies are free of single-use plastic, both hydrocarbon and “bio” plastics. If introducing reusable cups, a management system for their proper recovery must be in place. (Councils of Ibiza and Formentera, town halls, companies)
  2. Installation of water sources, such as fountains, in public (i.e. schools) and private places (companies for their employees and/or customers), to reduce the consumption of water in plastic bottles. (Councils of Ibiza and Formentera, town halls, companies)
  3. Promote the gradual reduction of single-use plastic materials, including “bio” plastics. (Local administrations, companies, civil society)

Water Quality

  1. Urgently finalise the new sewage treatment plant in Ibiza and its connection to urban centres to stop the current discharge of 40% of untreated wastewater into the sea around Ibiza. (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Balearic Government).
  2. Draft and implement the Balearic Sanitation Master Plan as a mandatory basic measure included in the Balearic Hydrological Plan. This should define the priorities for action and investment to modernise Ibiza and Formentera’s sanitation infrastructure and treatment plants. (Balearic Government – Ministry for the Environment)
  3. Improve the management, inspection and sanction regime for the discharge of bilges and grey and black water from nautical-recreational vessels. (State ports – Port of the Balearic Islands, Maritime Captaincy)

+ 1 additional recommendation across all themes:

  1. Continuously promote education and communication actions related to the conservation of the marine environment. (Civil society, local administrations and government, companies, media)