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“The Sea, a Shared Responsibility”

“The Sea, a Shared Responsibility”

The impact of nautical tourism and pollution on the marine environment are key areas of concern for the programme, ‘The Sea, A Shared Responsibility’ (El Mar, una responsabilidad compartida). Coordinated by GEN-GOB Eivissa, we support the programme together with the Dutch-based Adessium Foundation.

Now in Phase 3, GEN-GOB is working with the Council of Ibiza, Balearic Government and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive boat anchoring plan for Ibiza and Formentera that will take into account a ban on anchoring on Posidonia, coming into force in 2018.

Management plans for three new marine reserves in the waters around Formentera and one in Tagomago, a small island north of Ibiza, will also be developed in Phase 3.

Educational activities on marine pollution, such as plastics, and key habitats are a major priority for the programme, including the roll-out of a school project, “Posidonia in your hands.”

Since its launch in 2016, ‘The Sea, A Shared Responsibility’ has contributed to a remarkable increase in awareness of our valuable marine assets.

The programme has also strengthened partnerships through the active involvement of all local stakeholders – from government to the nautical, fishing and tourism sectors.

Since 2013, we have provided €37,408 in grants for the three phases of the programme. We have also helped to channel €190,000 in funding from the Adessium Foundation to support this important programme.