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Partnering with Juan y Andrea to Protect Posidonia

Home / Sea Preservation / Partnering with Juan y Andrea to Protect Posidonia
Home / Sea Preservation / Partnering with Juan y Andrea to Protect Posidonia

While browsing the menu at Restaurante Juan y Andrea, you’ll see a message “Juan y Andrea believes in the importance of preserving our marine environment. We are supporting local NGOs to protect the threatened Posidonia meadows, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage.”

We’re delighted Juan y Andrea has partnered with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to support Manu San Félix’s project with the Vellmari Association to map Posidonia around Formentera. The ‘Posidonia MAPS’ project aims to monitor meadows so the effects of climate change, pollution and the impact of boat anchoring can be assessed over time.

Restaurante Juan y Andrea is situated on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches at Playa de Ses Illetes in the Natural Park of Ses Salines – home to one of the largest Posidonia meadows in the Mediterranean. Support from Juan y Andrea not only provides funds for this important environmental project, it also helps us to reach a wider, international audience to spread the word on the crucial role Posidonia plays in our ecosystem.

The partnership is also fitting for Juan y Andrea who received the ‘Posidonia Prize for Entrepreneurship Excellence’ last December. Awarded by the Ibiza and Formentera Chamber of Commerce, the prize recognises the establishment’s “gastronomic and social reference at an international level”.

The Posidonia maps are being created using state-of-the-art cartography techniques. Ancient meadows are being scanned with a side-scan sonar, drones provide aerial photography and divers take underwater film to create precise maps. The data will also be used to develop a mobile phone app. The free app will let boats’ captains know they’re on Posidonia before they drop their anchor.

As well as the Posidonia MAPS project, Juan y Andrea also supports Vellmari’s project to breed seahorses in captivity. The two highly-threatened seahorse species found in the waters around Ibiza and Formentera are being breed in aquaculture facilities in Marina Ibiza and Marine de Formentera. The projects are linked because Posidonia provides a vital habitat for our seahorses.

Thank you Juan y Andrea for your support! We hope your involvement inspires more local businesses to partner with us or other local organisations to help preserve our environmental heritage.