“More Green; Less Greed”

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“More Green; Less Greed”

“More Green; Less Greed”
We sat down with La Paloma’s co-owner, Mouji to discuss her thoughts on a greener future for Ibiza.

La Paloma is one of the island’s best-loved restaurants and is a long-time supporter of our ‘one euro per table’ initiative. A restaurant in harmony with its environment, La Paloma’s authentic, homemade food is made with love and care. La Paloma extends this same love and care to Ibiza’s environment. By adding a discretionary one euro donation to guests’ table bills, La Paloma has raised over €20,000 to help fund our essential projects.

We asked Mouji what action could be taken to put Ibiza onto a more sustainable path. “On one side I see the effort people are making. People are starting to become more aware but on the other side we are still wasting water and resources.” Our work, through the Water Alliance, to call for the better management of the islands’ scarce water resources is one of the initiatives La Paloma supports. Tackling plastic waste is another. “We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste in the restaurant, especially plastic. We recycle, have no plastic straws, replaced plastic water bottles and are working to install a water filter.” Mouji believes local authorities should do more to help businesses to recycle by providing bins and collecting them. Information is also key; “Information on which replacement plastic items are best is needed as it can be confusing.” Providing this information to local businesses is a function of the Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera movement, which we fund as one of our key projects.

Organic, fresh and seasonal local produce are, of course, a feature of La Paloma’s menu. The restaurant’s idyllic garden provides herbs and many of the vegetables for its unique dishes. To make best use of all the land, an anthroposophical garden for flowers and vegetables will be planted soon. The opening of a new boutique hotel, which La Paloma is partnering in, will provide the restaurant with access to more land and greenhouses to grow produce like lettuces and zucchinis. To complete its eco-credentials, an electric-car charging point will soon be installed at La Paloma. Mouji’s tip for the future of Ibiza is simple – “More green, less greed.” Thank you La Paloma for your amazing support!

Supporting the Circular Economy
La Paloma, with the support of the IPF, is embarking on a pilot project to turn La Paloma into a sustainable circular economy establishment. This includes grey water and liquid waste management, a water filtration system, biodegradable cleaning products, replacing single-use plastics and growing its own produce for the restaurant. Watch out for more news on this exciting initiative for the island!