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The Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera presents 10 + 1 recommendations to regenerate the marine environment

16.10.19 – Consensus from all sectors on the recommendations that reflect the work done in the Forum’s three areas: marine protected areas, plastic reduction and sewage spills.

The recommendations of the Marine Forum 2019 include:

• Ibiza and Formentera’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a useful tool and provide an excellent base to build from but we must go further and be more ambitious by reinforcing surveillance, advancing co-management and expanding no-take zones.
• All festivals and events organised by public or private promoters must be free of single-use plastic.
• The installation of water sources, such as fountains, in public and private places should be promoted.
• The new sewage treatment plant in Ibiza and its connection with the urban centre must be completed urgently to end the current discharge of 40% of untreated sewage on Ibiza.
• The management, inspection and sanctions regime for the discharge of bilges and grey and black water from nautical-recreational vessels must be improved.

An objective of the Marine Forum’s Promoter Group has always been to propose some recommendations to help reverse the serious situation facing the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to having national, international and local experts make a diagnosis of the situation of our marine environment, the Forum presented good practices and wants to promote the most significant and relevant proposals.

The 10 recommendations presented today have been agreed with entities from all sectors and are focussed around each of the three specific objectives of this Forum edition:

• raise the ambition of marine protected areas around Ibiza and Formentera (4 recommendations)
• contribute to reducing single-use plastics (3 recommendations)
• reduce sewage spills into the sea (3 recommendations).

As well as the 10 recommendations, an additional, overarching recommendation has been included for all sectors related to marine conservation education and communication.

These 10 + 1 recommendations are the result of a prioritisation of the work by the organising team and those attending the workshop at the Marine Forum. The complete document, which contains 36 + 1 recommendations, can be found here.

Over the next 11 months, the Forum, in coordination with the collaborating entities, intends to follow up on these recommendations and present the work completed at the next edition of the Marine Forum in 2020.