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Delivery of 175 meals from Central Kitchen Ibiza gets underway

Home / News / Delivery of 175 meals from Central Kitchen Ibiza gets underway
Home / News / Delivery of 175 meals from Central Kitchen Ibiza gets underway
Delivery of 175 meals from Central Kitchen Ibiza gets underway

Central Kitchen Ibiza is a project with social and environmental responsibility, starting with local producers and reaching the families of the municipality

Ibiza, 14-9-21 – Central Kitchen Ibiza has begun delivering 175 daily meals to families in need, covering the basic needs of eating in a healthy way and promoting the use of local produce. The project presentation was attended by the mayor of Ibiza Town, Rafa Ruiz, the Balearic delegate of Red Eléctrica de España, Eduardo Maynau, the Councillor for Social Welfare of the Ibiza Town Hall, Carmen Boned, the chef David Reartes, the co-founder of IbizaPreservation, Serena Cook, and the manager of the Catering s’Olivera, Pilar Escandell.

Central Kitchen Ibiza plans to serve 69 families in the city of Ibiza, the equivalent of 11,070 meals made in adherence with nutritional guidelines. 175 people a day will be fed for seven days a week over a period of three months.

The mayor of Ibiza Town, Rafa Ruiz, stressed that, “in recent months we have suffered a lot due to the pandemic. The Ibiza City Council has been close to the public at very critical moments for many months and this is proof that we continue to be by their side, especially the people and families who are in need. This is a demonstration that collaboration from all areas makes for a better, fairer and more egalitarian society. ”

The mayor added, “this project goes much further. Central Kitchen Ibiza is also an instrument that serves to put local businesses in contact with small-scale producers. This is why we consider it to be both a global project that also takes into account our community and the sustainability of our land and small businesses.”

The Central Kitchen Ibiza project is being carried out thanks to an agreement signed between the Ibiza Town Hall and the Red Eléctrica Group, through which 50,000 euros have been allocated to finance the meals. The agreement is part of the entity’s 2030 Sustainability Commitment and its corporate responsibility policy.

The local representative of Red Eléctrica in the Balearic Islands, Eduardo Maynau, said that “our commitment to Ibiza goes beyond the development of infrastructures that are key to guaranteeing electricity supply and promoting energy transition; we also want to add value on the island through this project.”

The presentation took place at the Catering s’Olivera premises, from where the 175 meals are delivered daily to the recipient families, as identified by the Social Services department of Ibiza Town Hall.

Catering s’Olivera is responsible for the daily management of purchases, preparation, cooking and transportation of the meals to the homes of the beneficiaries. The manager and owner of Catering s’Olivera, Pilar Escandell, explained that her company was born with the aim of implementing a sustainable food model. During a tour of the facilities, she affirmed that “purchases are local, seasonal, and organic, respecting the farmers calendar. The dishes we make are traditional and organic, and the desserts use KM0 fruit and Ibizan products.”

The menus are prepared, coordinated and supervised by chef David Reartes, who highlights that they are prepared according to comprehensive nutritional guidelines, which includes carbohydrates, proteins and fresh vegetables and fruits, always using local, seasonal products, and where possible, organic.

The representative of IbizaPreservation, Serena Cook, stated that Central Kitchen Ibiza is carried out through its Ibiza Produce project, which is in charge of facilitating the supply of local produce and of the accounting management of the project. Cook highlighted the commitment of this project to the products and local producers they support.

The menus are kept in a cold room to guarantee health and safety protocols and individual biodegradable containers are used for distribution. The meals take into account specific requirements related to allergen sensitivity or religious needs.

The project, which is inspired by and has the support of World Central Kitchen, the initiative led by the Spanish restaurateur José Andrés in several cities in the United States and also in Spain, joins together the efforts of the Ibiza Town Hall, the restaurant sector, sustainable local production and businesses to carry out a project of general interest aimed at the most vulnerable people in the community and thus mitigate the difficulties of the current situation.