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Ibiza Produce

Where to buy local produce in Ibiza

KM0 or “slow food” products benefit our health by maximising our nutrient intake; they benefit our planet by cutting down on harmful carbon emissions; and, by buying them, we in turn benefit the farmers, fishermen and food producers of our community by supporting them through the economic downturn brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Demand for fresh, organic farm food has never been higher – but it can still be hard to know exactly where to buy it. In order to help Ibiza residents find local produce and shop online, our Ibiza Produce project has created a special “Buy Local Directory”.

There, you’ll find an up-to-date guide of:

  • Local food markets selling fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Fishmongers selling fresh fish caught by local Ibiza fishermen
  • Farm shops, including organic farms selling organic fruit and vegetables grown in Ibiza
  • Artisan food producers selling bread, beer, coffee and other local products made in Ibiza
  • Online supermarkets offering home delivery of local produce

So LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL and go directly to the BUY LOCAL DIRECTORY today!

More about Ibiza Produce

Strengthening Ibiza’s food production capacity, to regenerate soils and landscapes

Over the past decades, Ibiza’s land use has changed from flora and farmland to urban development and forest cover. This has led to a loss of rural landscapes and the disappearance of local plant varieties, animal breeds and traditional knowledge. Ibiza’s food supply is now largely dependent on imports, and the invasion of pine trees poses a fire risk.

IbizaPreservation launched the Ibiza Produce project in 2018, in order to create a platform through which:

  • Producers can access more markets
  • Chefs are connected to farms to buy directly from the source
  • Customers are made aware of where to buy or consume authentic local produce
  • New producers are supported to set up agriculture/food businesses in Ibiza
  • Local schools and hospitals commit to buying local product (public procurement).

Download the Ibiza Produce guide to Ibiza’s organic farms!

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