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IbizaPreservation invested €333,000 in environmental projects in 2022

Home / News / IbizaPreservation invested €333,000 in environmental projects in 2022
Home / News / IbizaPreservation invested €333,000 in environmental projects in 2022
IbizaPreservation invested €333,000 in environmental projects in 2022

The environmental foundation, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, has raised around 3.5 million euros since 2008 to support some 50 initiatives

Ibiza, 22/05/23 – IbizaPreservation allocated €333,000 to environmental projects in 2022, according to its recently published annual report.

Most of these funds were allocated to the four key projects of the foundation: Ibiza Produce, Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera, the Sustainability Observatory and Posidonia Protection. With regard to the latter, the report highlights that its lines of action have expanded to include a “Responsible Boating” course, which seeks to promote good practice in the nautical sector, in addition to financing a study of Posidonia meadows by GEN-GOB.

The Foundation’s management also sought to draw attention to the work carried out over the past year in the area of corporate governance, with the publication of a volunteer plan, a code of ethics, criteria for the traceability of restricted funding, and gender and hiring policies, a task that, according to the Executive Director, Inma Saranova, “intends to place us at the forefront of the foundations of the Balearic Islands in terms of transparency and good governance, with the aim of generating trust and promoting a better understanding of our organisation.”

The balance sheet shows IbizaPreservation raised €585,000 in 2022. Funds came from various sources, including private donors, companies, other private foundations and public administrations. This year, the Foundation reported a significant increase in public funding, thanks to subsidies from the Balearic Regional Government and particularly from the Consell of Ibiza, which contributed more than €46,000 towards the work of the Sustainability Observatory.

The President of IbizaPreservation, Philip Muelder, thanked those who supported the environmental entity in 2022: “For the first time since the Foundation’s creation in 2008, we have raised more than half a million euros in one year. This is a fantastic achievement of which we can all be proud, and gives IbizaPreservation the scope to aim even higher in its mission to protect and regenerate the islands.”

Accordingly, in 2023 the Foundation has already committed part of the remainder from the previous financial year to a new project, Protecting Ibiza’s Lizards, which seeks to defend the endemic Ibizan wall lizard against invasive snakes.

This year IbizaPreservation celebrates its 15-year anniversary, a period during which it has raised around 3.5 million euros to support some 50 environmental projects in Ibiza and Formentera. “We couldn’t be more committed to serving the local community by doing all we can to help preserve the islands’ extraordinary natural heritage,” said Executive Director, Inma Saranova.

The report can be downloaded from the IbizaPreservation website in the “About Us” section.