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Home / Renewable Energy / IBIZA SAYS “NO” TO OIL PROSPECTING …
Home / Renewable Energy / IBIZA SAYS “NO” TO OIL PROSPECTING …

With only days to go to gather allegations against the MedSalt-2 project, Alianza Mar Blava is calling on communities in the Balearic Islands to sign allegations to stop the project.

On 21 April, Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation began the public information stage of a seismic acquisition project called MedSalt-2. The project would involve firing high-pressure compressed air guns in the Balearic Sea in the waters between Ibiza and Mallorca and the southeast of Ibiza and Formentera. The enormous level of underwater noise caused by these air guns can have fatal consequences for whales and dolphins and other marine life. The project also has clear links to oil and gas companies for hydrocarbon exploration in the region.

The project was previously stopped in July 2016 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Alianza Mar Blava and others submitted allegations against it because of the significant environmental impacts. However, the promoter – the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (INOGS) of Italy – has reactivated the project.

We are once again calling for MedSalt-2 to be stopped. By submitting an allegation, the Government must take claims against the project into account and respond. You can submit one either in person, by post or online.

Signature collection points can be found in Ibiza and Formentera. You only need to bring your DNI / NIE / passport to sign. Allegations must be signed before 21 May but please don’t leave until the last days.

Allegations can only be accepted in Spanish or Catalan. Translations are available in English and German but you need to sign and register the Spanish or Catalan version of the text.

We need your help to stop MedSalt-2 to protect our marine species and keep the Balearic and Mediterranean Sea free-from oil drilling.


The Ibiza Preservation Fund, Alianza Mar Blava and Consell de Formentera announced last week they will use the Mar Blava platform to mobilise support for the Balearic Government’s draft bill on Climate Change and Energy Transition. The draft bill will see, amongst other measures, solar panels installed on roof tops more than 1000 square metres and rental car fleets electrified by 2035.

With climate change already impacting the islands with frequent droughts, floods and rising sea temperatures, the proposed action will give the community an opportunity to have its voice heard – this time in support of renewable energy.

Mar Blava brings together more than 120 representatives from the public sector, private companies and civil society in the Balearic Islands and beyond. Its mission is to increase protection of the Mediterranean Sea by ending oil and gas prospecting, which threatens the economy and environment, and supporting a move towards renewable energy.

The IPF called for and funded the creation of Alianza Mar Blava in 2013 to give the local community a voice against oil and gas drilling in the waters around Ibiza and Formentera.

To support Mar Blava’s work, you can join the alliance and contribute financially or make a donation to the IPF.

Photo: Diario de Ibiza, Vicent Marí