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1st Marine Forum: a space for studying the real situation of the Mediterranean

Home / Events / 1st Marine Forum: a space for studying the real situation of the Mediterranean
Home / Events / 1st Marine Forum: a space for studying the real situation of the Mediterranean
1st Marine Forum: a space for studying the real situation of the Mediterranean

The promoter team wants it to become an annual reference event on marine conservation

The presentation of the documentary “Save Our Mediterranean” by Manu San Félix for National Geographic, is the Forum’s first act in Ibiza

The Forum will have contributions from international experts that offer new visions, experiences and opportunities.

Ibiza, June 6, 2019 – Today, the first edition of the Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera was presented, which will take place on 26 and 27 September 2019. The forum aims to become an annual event of reference in the field of marine conservation, and a space to study and analyse the real situation of the Mediterranean. According to Sandra Benbeniste, director of the Ibiza Preservation Foundation, “the Pitiusas are a fantastic showcase for an action aimed at spreading the importance of the conservation of our sea. The intersectoral collaboration – public sector, civil society and the islands’ entrepreneurs committed to this objective – can be the best vehicle to sensitise all the actors “.

The Marine Forum aims to become a platform where ideas and projects for the conservation of the marine environment in Ibiza and Formentera are generated and promoted. It wants to serve to create a high-level debate and propose, at the same time, solutions that can reverse the serious situation the seas face by establishing the date of 2030 as a temporary framework for recovery. In addition, at the first edition the organisers want to achieve three specific objectives: to raise the ambition of the marine protected areas of Ibiza and Formentera; to raise awareness of the urgency of reducing uncontrolled dumping to the sea; and, collaborate in the effective implementation of the Waste Law in Ibiza and Formentera with the horizon of application in 2020-21.

Aniol Esteban, director of Marilles Foundation has stated that: “The waters surrounding Ibiza and Formentera hide a great diversity of habitats and species, gorgonian forests, Posidonia meadows and little known corals, but this richness is under strong pressure. The Marine Forum will focus on the challenges facing the Balearic Sea and at the same time will promote many of the solutions that exist to improve it and make Ibiza and Formentera a world reference for marine conservation. The Forum will allow us to dive and explore new ideas, but also an opportunity to radiate many of the projects and initiatives that already exist here. ”

Commitments and agreements

The 1st Marine Forum will prepare a document of 10 environmental commitments or recommendations, based on the objectives set, which will be presented to the islands’ society and will be reviewed and enriched during the workshops with technicians and experts. The Forum will work so these agreements can be assumed by the administrations, business and civil society. Rafael Harillo, director of the Pacha Foundation, spoke about the importance of the work of companies and civil society: “We are convinced that if all companies contribute their grain of sand, the objectives we want to achieve with the start-up of this first Marine Forum, they will be able to be fulfilled “.

In addition, once the expenses of the 1st Marine Forum have been covered, all the funds raised will be used to finance one or two projects related to the topics discussed at the Forum, approved by the Promoter Group. In this first edition, coverage will be given to the work carried out by the Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera movements, whose mission is to certify companies that are eliminating single-use plastics. And the second project, would be aimed at studying the populations of Nacra, a mollusc that is becoming extinct from the waters of the islands.

The promoter group of the Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera is made up of The White Angel (OD Real Estate), Trasmapi / Be Blue, Vellmarí Association, Pacha Foundation, Marilles Foundation and the Ibiza Preservation Foundation. In addition, they are closing a collaboration agreement with other companies such as “La Bella Verde”, the ecological catamarans that want to join the project.

“Save our Mediterranean”

In addition, the Marine Biologist, Manu San Félix, who is also a part of the Forum’s promoter group, attended the press conference, and wanted to express his commitment to the project with the presentation of this documentary that has been filmed for National Geographic and screened at the Cultural Center of Jesus.

“This press conference and the presentation of the documentary are the starting signal. We can and must save the Mediterranean and I am convinced that we can do it. That is, we need to immediately turn around the situation. ”

With this production, Manu aims to launch a message of hope and contribute to the awareness of the audience to react in time and reverse the situation of the Mediterranean, to save it. Through the meeting with scientists and experts, the film analyses the main problems and threats, as well as possible solutions to change the situation.

The marine biologist and explorer of National Geographic has spent more than 30 years of his life studying and dedicating his work in the conservation of the Mediterranean. In this documentary, he begins his trip from Formentera, to embark on a trip around the waters of the Spanish Mediterranean, in order to show how the action of man has transformed one of the richest marine enclaves on the planet into one of the most threatened.