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More than €1 million raised, 40 projects financed and collaborations with 24 different entities

Home / Press / More than €1 million raised, 40 projects financed and collaborations with 24 different entities
Home / Press / More than €1 million raised, 40 projects financed and collaborations with 24 different entities

10 years of commitment to preservation and environmental sustainability in Ibiza and Formentera

31 July 2018: The Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF), previously the Ibiza Preservation Fund, celebrates its 10th anniversary of working to achieve a sustainable future for Ibiza and Formentera by supporting local environmental initiatives on land and at sea.

The IPF was created in 2008 by William Aitken, Ben Goldsmith and Serena Cook out of concern for the unsustainable development of the islands. They wanted to contribute to preserving the islands they love and give something back to Ibiza.

More than €1 million has been raised, 40 projects financed, and it has partnered with 24 different entities over the past 10 years with the aim to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the islands by promoting the conservation of its natural resources.

The work of the IPF centres around three priority areas: working in partnership with other associations to deliver projects to preserve the islands and encourage sustainability; promoting a lively and productive rural environment; and, finally, supporting projects that protect threatened marine species and other valuable natural resources so the waters remain clean and full of life.

The IPF works by raising funds from people and entities around the world concerned about the future of Ibiza and Formentera. They connect experts, local players, NGOs, companies or public entities to achieve the best results; collaborate with local, national and international organisations to preserve the environment; support environmental causes and promote a process for change by commissioning studies and facilitating debates.

10 years, 10 achievements

  1. Oil and gas projects in the Mediterranean Sea have been stopped by establishing and financing the creation of Alianza Mar Blava.
  2. Protection for posidonia has increased through collaborations with GEN-GOB Eivissa and the Adessium Foundation to achieve greater legal protection for this marine habitat, and through the Manu San Félix and Vellmarí Association project to map posidonia meadows thus monitoring their evolution.
  3. The IPF has helped to preserve Ibiza’s almonds by planting 800 new trees in a project with APAEEF (organic producers association) and the Consell d’Eivissa, as well as co-financing an almond de-hulling machine with Sant Antoni Cooperative.
  4. An initiative to improve water management has been launched. In 2015 the IPF commissioned a study by the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) to gain an understanding of the state of the island’s water resources. This served as a precedent for the creation of the Water Alliance, where public administrations, business and tourism associations and water companies are represented together with the agricultural sector and local NGOs.
  5. Support for the creation of a marine reserve in Tagomago, within the framework of “The Sea, A Shared Responsibility” project.
  6. Farming and local produce have been promoted through various initiatives that have fostered various collaborations to support indigenous breeds and the creation of a land bank.
  7. In 2017, IPF coordinated an important study with the UIB on the social and environmental carrying capacity of Ibiza.
  8. Protection of the Ses Feixes wetlands by supporting and collaborating with GEN-GOB and Amics de la Terra.
  9. The IPF has collaborated with 24 local and international environmental organisations; and,
  10. Raised more than €1 million in funds.

“This decade of work for the preservation and protection of the islands’ environment is the basis of what the IPF intends to do now and in the future. This annual report is the commitment we have with our islands and their inhabitants. Preserve and take care of the land and sea so that future generations will have to enjoy,” concluded Sandra Benbeniste, IPF executive director.